The Backpack Ensemble

(LPAC, 2017)


The day of our performance drew nearer, and before we knew it we’d finally reached the end of our journey. The final amendment took place on the day of our tech, as we had been offered the opportunity to elevate our backpacks by hanging them on rope attached to the rigging. This was something we didn’t even consider, as previously we had placed our backpacks on the floor around us. However after mastering how we can set the ropes up ourselves and therefore continue our DIY aesthetic, we began our pre-set with the construction of the ropes. The ropes added a vertical illusion to our horizontal stage, thus added an extra element of suspense at the beginning as Tubular Bells is playing. For me, this addition to our set was the icing on the cake for our aesthetic and ethos, as our backpacks could be placed back onto the ropes, ready for another performer to choose a backpack and begin their journey. Thus, we decided to leave the stage the same way we came on; backpacks on and ready to tell a story.


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