The Backpack Ensemble don’t intend to shy away from the fact that we are performers onstage, instead we embrace it. And embrace the sense of honesty and openness that this provides. We draw from personal experience to give our performance a real, emotional backbone.

Through use of narration the characters that the performers take on are described and formed. Allowing for moments of light hearted silliness, with the ability for genuine emotion.

The setting and environment of the piece is created on stage, everything taken from the performer’s backpacks which they bring onstage. The DIY nature of the creation, embraced.



Thank you too everyone who came to watch the show! It was an incredible experience and all of us backpackers had an amazing time!

Huge thanks to everyone who supported us whether that’s a donation, like/share of any of our social media platforms or a tweet. We have had some excellent feedback so thanks to all of you who got in touch.

We have some meetings in the coming days and weeks to talk about the future of the company and the show!