The Backpack Ensemble don’t intend to shy away from the fact that we are performers onstage, instead we embrace it. And embrace the sense of honesty and openness that this provides. We draw from personal experience to give our performance a real, emotional backbone.

Through use of narration the characters that the performers take on are described and formed. Allowing for moments of light hearted silliness, with the ability for genuine emotion.

The setting and environment of the piece is created on stage, everything taken from the performer’s backpacks which they bring onstage. The DIY nature of the creation, embraced.



We have launched a Crowdfunder campaign to raise funds for the development of our debut show, The Search for a Black-browed Albatross!

ANY amount donated to our Crowdfunder will go a long way. We’ve set a target of £250 and seeing as this is an ‘all or nothing’ campaign we will only receive donations if we reach or exceed this amount!

Please check it out, support us if you can and share it with your friends and family.